[Ch4-306]Towards Talented Engineers for Digital Transformation age – IPSJ Seminars and Certified IT Professional (CITP) ➀

10/22 16:15-16:45 Channel 4


In this talk, we will introduce the seminar series and the Certified IT Professional (CITP) among the activities that the IPSJ has been conducting for the industry.
The first half of the talk will be a digest of the series seminars on topical technical themes held throughout the year. CITP is a certification for senior engineers at Level 4 and above, based on the IT skills standards widely used in Japanese companies. Currently, it has certified about 10,000 engineers. In the second half of this presentation, we will introduce an overview of this certification program.

IPSJ Director(HITACHI, Ltd.) Mr. Hiroyasu Nishiyama