[Ch4-207] Data utilization and work style reform in the manufacturing industry

10/21 15:30-17:00 Channel 4


With AWS cloud solutions, you can free yourself from managing your infrastructure and focus your resources on optimizing production, creating business opportunities for new smart products, and improving operational efficiency across your value chain. In this session, we will introduce how innovation can be realized from the perspectives of three areas in the manufacturing industry, design, manufacturing, products & services, with examples. (Session time is 80 minutes, we recommend this session for who have basic knowledge of cloud technology)

Amazon Web Service Japan K.K.Senior Business Development Manager (Manufacturing Industry) Mr. Takayuki Hayashi
Amazon Web Service Japan K.K.Solutions Architect, Industry Solutions Solutions Architecture Mr. Noma Aiichiro
Amazon Web Service Japan K.K.Digital Transformation Architect Mr. Keisuke Toda
Amazon Web Service Japan K.K.Senior Digital Transformation Architect Mr. Tadashi Yamamoto