[Ch4-201 ]You can start today! The first step for telework realized by Cloud solution

10/21 10:00-10:50 Channel 4


 From this year, the working style of Japan, which has not changed essentially for decades, has entered a period of great change.
The common sense that it is natural to gather in one place to work has collapsed, and work styles such as telework are becoming widespread regardless of location.
On the other hand, the reality is that uncertainty about working styles is higher than ever. For example, it is difficult to make a forecast for the next few months.
In this session, we will explain how to realize telework using cloud technology. I would like to think together with you while introducing the usage and actual customer use cases.
This session can be enjoyed without any prerequisite knowledge about technology. Please feel free to join us.

Amazon Web Service Japan K.K.Product Marketing Manager Mr. Ryota Motojima