[Ch3-306]Latest local report on Chinese digital industry after Covid-19 from Chinese media Caixin

10/22 15:00-15:30 Channel 3


Caixin Media Company Limited × TOYOKEIZAI INC.
In January 2020, when Covid-19 started to spread in Wuhan, Chinese investigative media Caixin sent its journalists in the center of Covid-19 outbreak and reported many important articles towards the world. From this point, we invite Ms. Angelina Qu, editor-in-chief of Caixin, and she is going to talk about Chinese digital businesses which played a significant role in the pandemic, their innovative products and services. She will also give some suggestions for the development of digital technology in Japanese society and businesses after Covid-19 from her local point of view.

Vice President, Caixin Media Managing Director, Caixin Global Ms. Li Xin
Chief Editor (Business), Ms. Angelina Qu
TOYO KEIZAI INC.Editor-in-Chief Weekly Toyo Keizai Editorial Dept. Mr. Gota Nishimura