[Ch1-108]EU-Japan Digital Cooperation in the era of the global digital competition

10/20 17:00-18:00 Channel 1


It is more important than ever to strengthen strategic cooperation between the EU and Japan in the digital fields of data economy, 5G, IoT, AI, cyber security, and advanced technologies such as 5G/6G and blockchain. In this session, METI and the European Commission will each report on the progress of EU-Japan digital cooperation, followed by two keynote speeches and an open discussion between speakers and participants on the future of EU-Japan cooperation in the era of global digital competition.

Director for the Digital Single Market in DG-Connect, European Commission Mr. Gerard de Graaf
Director-General for International Cyber Economy Policy, METI Mr. Hirobumi Iida
JBCE Digital Innovation Committee Chair (Fujitsu) Mr. Marco Canton