[Ch2-304]Towards the promotion of trusted cross-border free flows of personal data by initiative of Japan, the United States and the EU

10/22 15:00-16:15 Channel 2


Keynote speeches from representatives of Japan, the US and the EU and panel discussion by representatives of industry - university -
government will be provided regarding following topics;
- Importance that Japan, the US and the EU promote cooperation so far in order to establish an international framework for the free
personal data flows with trust.
- Expectation for accelerating of discussion under the trilateral cooperation among Japan, the US and the EU in the recent changing circumstances including those brought by the Schrems II Judgement, on these three topics; ”further enhancing the personal data flows among Japan, the US and the EU”, “building a new interoperable corporate certification system” and “establishing new principles addressing such new risks as unlimited government access”.

Personal Information Protection Commission, JAPANChairperson Ms. Mieko Tanno
European CommissionCommissioner for Justice Mr. Didier Reynders
Department of Commerce, The United States of AmericaActing Assistant Secretary Mr. James M. Sullivan
Professor of Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University (Commissioner for International Academic Exchange, Personal Information Protection Commission, Japan) Dr. Fumio Shimpo
Personal Information Protection Commission JAPANDeputy Secretary General Mr. Kiyoshi Sawaki
Professor, The Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo Mr. SHISHIDO George
General Manager, Information Risk Management Department, Information Security Risk Management Division, Hitachi,Ltd.(Chair, Personal Data Protection Committee, JEITA) Mr. Manabu Daimon
Director of Digital Policy, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs (CELA) Microsoft Japan Mr. Ken Katayama
VP Legal & Business Affairs Dept. Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. Mr. Toshiya Suzuki
Foundation for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community Managing Director Mr. Tetsuya Sakashita