[Ch3-205]DX toward Climate Change and SDGs

10/21 14:00-15:30 Channel 3


Companies are required to tackle climate change under the "Paris Agreement" established in 2015, and to tackle social issues along with the environment issues under the "SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)".
Under such circumstances, according to the annual report of “RE100” disclosed in December 2019, 34 companies including Microsoft achieved 100% and 70 companies, one-third of member companies, procure over 75% of renewable energy. The number of member companies has increased by about 40% since 2018.
In this conference, we will discuss "Renewable Energy" as to how digital is expected and should contribute to climate change, which is still an important environmental issue.

The University of TokyoProfessor, Graduate School of Public Policy Prof. Jun ARIMA
AnPrenergy, Inc.President Mr. Takashi MURATANI
HITACHI, Ltd.Cooperate Officer, PhD, Project Leader, Digital Grid Project, Future Investment Division Mr. Masahiro AOKI
MUL Utility Innovation Company LimitedDirector, Business Development Department Mr. Naoto ISHII
Development Bank of Japan Inc.Chief Manager, Industrial Research & Customer Solution Planning Office Ms. Eri UEDA
Agency for Natural Resources and EnergyDirector, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Dept. Mr. Juntaro SHIMIZU