• 日程10/18
  • 時間13:00-13:45
  • 場所Room A

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The Three Internets & the Society of the Future

Up to this point, DeNA has achieved growth primarily in mobile games, e-commerce, and other internet businesses, but recently DeNA has entered more physical businesses such as the sports business and mobility business, and is aiming to achieve further growth utilizing the internet and AI. Going forward, DeNA endeavors to bring new value to life through its businesses in the physical internet space, such as in self-driving and smart grids. In addition to these initiatives and the evolution they are bringing about, I will discuss the society of the future that the communication, energy, and transport internets will bring. Don't miss this exciting talk!

    • Speaker

      DeNA Co., Ltd.
      Member of the Board & COO

      Mr.Shingo Okamura