• 日程10/17
  • 時間10:00-12:00
  • 場所Room A

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AI Summit  - Use of AI Technologies towards DX Realization and Challenges -

Top Executives of each company will talk about the use cases of AI technology to realize DX (Digital Transformation), and discuss the issues and near future image in a panel discussion.

  • Healthtech evolution for the future ー social leadership and lifestyle innovation
    With the power of digital transformation, Philips has transformed into a healthcare company focusing on health technology and informatics. We will provide solutions, address social issues on the super-aging society ahead in Japan, and through our ecosystem partnerships across industries provide innovation to the world.
    • Speaker

      Philips Japan Ltd.
      Chief Philips Japan, member of the Executive Committee Royal Philips

      Mr. Hiroyuki Tsutsumi

  • Amazon 's mission, "to be the most customer-centric company on the earth" and evolving innovation on the daily basis
    Amazon has always started the exponentially evolving technology from customers. Amazon 's mission is to be the most customer-centric company on the earth. Amazon has started the business in Japan in Nov 2000 and continuously developed the vast selection and various services and implemented the innovation. At this time, We will talk about things that change daily, things that will not change, Amazon's innovation culture and long-term thinking.
    • Speaker

      Amazon Japan G.K.
      Hardlines Vice President

      Mr. Kazufumi Watanabe

  • AI activities at Toshiba
    There are a few important points in order to make AI effective, which is AI base technology, AI applied technology, Domain knowledge and DATA. You cannot achieve effective AI implementation without those elements. Especially it is important to create an environment that you can access to data anytime. Cyber Physical System (CPS) is required to do this. I will explain what kind of activities Toshiba does today.
    • Speaker

      Corporate Vice President, Chief Digital Officer,

      Mr. Taro SHIMADA

  • Panel Discussion 
    Panelists:All speakers