• 日程10/16
  • 時間10:00-17:00
  • 場所304

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In houses! In buildings! In factories! In communities! Connecting with IoT solutions "HD-PLC"

Introduction about Powerline communication HD-PLC to improve working efficiency by reusing existing cables to network the difficult areas in office or factory

  • 10:00-
    Introduction of new information about "HD-PLC"(tentative)
    • HD-PLC Alliance

      Mr.Takanori Miyake

  • 10:30-
    Status of the activities toward the national rulemaking for High speed PLC(tentative)
    • PLC-J

      Mr. Keiji Takakusaki

  • 11:10-
    High-speed PLC on Marine vessel
  • 14:10-
    International trend of High speed PLC and its standardization(tentative)
    • IEEE-SA Progilon Srl

      Mr.Jean-Philippe Faure

  • 14:50-
    Technical overview of IEEE 1901a High-speed PLC International standard(tentative)
    • HD-PLC Alliance
      Technical TG-Chair

      Dr.Hisao Koga

  • 15:20-
    Activities of Panasonic(tentative)
    • Panasonic
      IoT PLC project

      Mr. Michimasa Aramaki

  • 15:50-
    Activities of Nuritelecom(tentative)
  • 16:20-
    And the additional presenters as HD-PLC Alliance members show the cutting edge information about the products, solutions and their use cases, etc.