• 日程10/16
  • 時間10:30-12:00
  • 場所Innovation Talk Stage(Exhibition Hall 8)

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Advanced Fibers Conducive to “Co-Creating the Future”

Advanced fibers produced by Japanese chemical fiber manufacturers/suppliers are used in various fields. As one of the manufacturers/suppliers, we have been continuing our researches and developments, aiming for high-level techniques to meet our customers’ needs. In our presentations, we will give introductions of some of our exciting fibers, techniques or systems by providing examples of how they are actually used or how they are expected to be useful in Society 5.0 where we could connect with everyone using our products.

  • Development and Expansion of MATOUS
    • Speaker

      Innobative Development Section, Technology & Development Department

      Mihoko Oya

  • Health Monitoring System with utilizing sensors and IoT
    • Speaker

      TOYOBO CO., LTD.
      Senior Coordinator, Fibers & Functional Products Production & Development Operating Department

      Mitsuhiro Sakuta

    • Speaker

      Nara Medical University, MBT(Medical-Based Town) INSTITUTE

      Tomohiro Umeda

  • Unitika's recycled fibers and biofibers contribute to the creation of a sustainable society
      Manager, Technology Development Planning Office

      Manabu Mochizuki

  • Technology overview of 'energy creation and saving' from wastewater treatment using hollow fiber membranes
    • Speaker

      Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
      Technology Group Manager, Separator and Aqua Chemicals Department

      Masumi Kobayashi

  • Application of Optical Fiber to Wearable Field
    • Speaker

      Researcher, Fiber Materials Planning and Development Department, Kurashiki Plant

      Takeshi Tsudaka