• 日程10/15
  • 時間14:45-15:30
  • 場所Room A

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The Revitalizing Power of Tourism for Local Communities

JTB was established in 1912 as an organization to welcome and provide hospitality to overseas visitors to Japan. While the company has been engaged in the travel business for many years, in recent years we have promoted a business strategy as a Destination Management Company, resulting in the significant expansion of our Regional Exchange Business. Today, 107 years after our establishment, we are pursuing further evolution and growth, having defined our business domain as “generating value through creative exchanges.” Utilizing the power of tourism to create meaningful human interaction, I declare to you that the JTB Group will continue to engage in sustainable initiatives that contribute to resolving real-world challenges and foster regional revitalization. I hope that you will follow our ongoing growth and development.

    • Speaker

      JTB Corp.
      Chairperson of the Board

      Mr. Hiromi Tagawa