• 日程10/15
  • 時間14:00-16:30
  • 場所304

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Connecting Energy: Vibrational Energy Harvesters for Connected Society

Energy harvesting is an indispensable technology to achieve SDGs Goal7. Japan Science Technology Agency (JST) has been promoting research and development on energy harvesting in the project of JST-CREST and JST-PRESTO “[Energy Harvesting] Scientific Innovation for Energy Harvesting Technology”. In this session, we spotlight the vibration power generation that is expected to realize the connected society and discuss the prospect.
In Session 1, talks on the social implementation will be given by two distinguished experts. In Session 2, we will also show the latest vibration power generation technologies and explain them demonstrated in the CEATEC exhibition.

Organizer: Department of Strategic Basic Research, Japan Science Technology Agency (JST)
Energy Harvesting for SDGs Goal 7

  • 【Session 1】Pedestrian Position Sensing Using Vibration-Based Power Generation
    • Speaker

      JR East Consultants Company
      Managing Director General Manager of ICT Business Dep.

      Mr. Mitsuaki Kobayashi

  • Energy Harvesting for Toys
    • Speaker

      Tomy Conpany, Ltd.
      R&D Headquaters Expert

      Mr. Kimitaka Watanabe

  • 【Session 2】 Connecting Energy: Vibrational Energy Harvesters for Connected Society
    • Speaker

      Osaka University
      Emeritus Professor
      Research Supervisor on Energy Harvesting

      Prof. Kenji Taniguchi

  • Vibrational Energy Harvesters Based on Piezoelectric Polymers: Flexible Piezoelectric Materials for Connected Society
    • Speaker

      Tokyo University of Science
      Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science Associate Professor

      Ph.D Takashi  Nakajima

  • New Type of Energy Harvester with Electric Double Layer Electrets
    • Speaker

      Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
      Materials Science Research Laboratory Senior Research Scientist

      Dr. Shimpei Ono

  • Electrostatic Vibrational MEMS Energy Harvesters
    • Speaker

      Saginomiya Seisakusho, Inc.
      R&D Section I / R&D Department I / R&D Center  Manager

      Mr. Hiroyuki Mitsuya