• 日程10/18
  • 時間12:30-14:00
  • 場所Room C

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Business Innovation in Nursing Care & Healthcare Business to overcome a super-aging society

Facing a super aging society in Japan, due to the shortage of people, goods and money, reconstruction of existing business models is required . Furthermore, in the future, technological innovations such as AI, robots, and advanced science are expected to have a major impact on the industrial structure.
In this conference, with regard to the medical and nursing care fields, which are expected to be a growth industry in the future, the front runner, who is engaged in innovation for growth of existing businesses and creation of new value and provides new value, talks about the industry outlook.

  • Efforts to introduce advanced technology in the field of nursing care
    In Japan where scarcity of human resources is being called out, in the field of nursing care is particularly serious.
    The introduction of advanced technology is essential to increase productivity.
    We are going to talk about the actual conditions of advanced technology introduction and the clue to the solution in the difficult situation that deals with human itself.
    • Speaker

      Sompo Holdings,Inc
      Cheaf of Future Care Lab in Japan

      Mr. Shinichiro Kataoka

  • Cardiovascular disease of the elderly and medical and healthcare business
    In Japan, specific medical checkups and specific health guidance against metabolic diseases and actions reducing dialysis due to diabetes are promoted. However, programs against hypertension and heart failure in the elderly are not enough. We have identified the risks associated with heart failure and atrial fibrillation highly occurring in the elderly and developed approaches to individuals and populations. In this session, I would like to show the potential of these matter as a business.
    • Speaker

      National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
      Preventive Cardiology

      Dr. Yoshihiro Miyamoto