• 日程10/18
  • 時間12:45-14:45
  • 場所Room B

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BEYOND New value ~ Drawing the service of the future of Society 5.0 era

People seek a new business field.
What kind of future do those front-runners imagine with demanding brand new values?
Each BEYOND, "JTB Beyond Imagination", "Tokyu Beyond the Concept", "ANA Beyond ALL" was established.
the conventional bisiness model dveropment is forwarding in association with Acceleration of innovation,technology application,partnership.

  • JTB’s Regional Exchange Business and Initiatives Towards Society 5.0 Adjusting on the community level towards social implementation
    With international competition in the digital era now moving towards its “second act,” JTB is performing a social implementation role as a physical guide within cyber physical systems (CPS). This raises a key question: what is the ideal form for ICT social implementation that has the dual aim of vitalizing communities in a way that contributes both to visitors (tourists) and inhabitants (local residents)?
    In this session JTB’s approaches through its Regional Exchange Business and outlook for the future will be introduced and discussed.
    • Speaker

      JTB Corp
      Corporate Business Unit Executive Officer Deputy General Manager,Corporate Business Unit

      Mr. Hiroki Furuno 

  • NEXT TOKYU challenges to ""Creating a Beautiful Living Environment"" for the future.
    As a “urban development” company for about 100 years, Tokyu has developed various businesses such as railways, buses, residences, offices, commerce, life services, hotels and entertainment in line with changing times.
    So what is “true urban development” that Tokyu aims at in the Society 5.0 ?
    We will introduce our value creation closely connected to the lives of people living in the city, along with new challenges for the next 100 years of Tokyu.
    • Speaker

      Tokyu Corporation
      Future Design Lab General Manager


  • An Avatar Enabled Super Smart Society.
    ANA launched its ANA AVATAR program in 2018 with the aim of limitlessly connecting the world to create a brighter future for all. Join us as ANA introduces their new avatar infrastructure service, the value they envision this new service will provide, and the Super Smart Society future they hope to catalyze with this technology.
    • Speaker

      ANA AVATAR division director