• 日程10/18
  • 時間14:00-16:30
  • 場所301

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Evolution and Future Outlook of Networks through the Utilization of AI

At home and abroad, we are examining the application of AI technology to the automation and advancement of service delivery and network operation. By applying AI to the network, not only things connected to the Internet and data communication, but also learning based on accumulated data enables more advanced operation and control.
In this seminar, we will introduce the latest progress of advanced services and advanced networks by applying AI and the future prospects.

  • Evolution and Future outlook of networking through utilizing AI and IoT.
    Our ICT industrial society is facing radical changes in its structure. Especially, democratization of telecommunication becomes a norm where primary service providers are diversified through advanced mobile networking such as 5G and private networking. Softwarization lays the ground for such democratization and enables in-network AI and machine learning and cost-effective IoT infrastructure in local regions. This lecture discusses such trends in evolution and future outlook of networking.
    • Speaker

      The University of Tokyo

      Prof. Akihiro Nakao

  • Implementation of AI application in network and prospect for its solution
    So far, communication equipment were evolved by “deductive approach” based on communication domain knowledge. However, it is almost saturated and a new “inductive approach” based on “communication domain knowledge × AI technologies” has been come.
    In this seminar, it will be described the outline of prospects for a realization and solution to AI application in the network.
    • Speaker

      NEC Corporation
      System Platform Research Laboratories General Manager

      Mr. Soichi Tsumura

  • A trend of network operation and management using AI at TM Forum
    As 5G, IoT and B2B2X model expand, network operation and management using AI such as self-optimization and self-healing are important for providing various services smoothly.
    Therefore, TM Forum, a telecom operations standards association, is studying the use of AI in the telecom industry.
    In this talk, we will introduce standards, best practices, and PoCs of network O&M using AI at TM Forum.
    • Speaker

      Solutions Sales Department, Network&Cloud Division Manager

      Mr. Toshiyuki Arai

    • Speaker

      Solutions Sales Department, Network&Cloud Division

      Mr. Kiyotaka Mizuno