• 日程10/17
  • 時間16:00-17:30
  • 場所103

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Security response in the IoT era - Survive on a shift left attack -

Malicious attacks are being attempted to send malware into the upper process of development. In order to counter this "shift left of attacks", attention is focused on the "Product Security Incident Response Team" (PSIRT), which responds to incidents in the company's products and services. In this session, front-line PSIRT / CSIRT personnel and consultants will discuss strong in incidents and practical PSIRT.

    • Facilitator

      Update Technology Inc.

      Mr. Naoki Bando

    • Panelist

      Cybozu, Inc
      Security Office General Manager

      Mr. Yoichi Akeo 

    • Panelist

      Microsoft Corporation
      Security Response Team Customer Services and Support CISSP Security Program Manager

      Ms. Yurika Kakiuchi

    • Panelist

      LAC Co., Ltd.
      CYBER GRID Japan Administrative Officer, Senior Consultant

      Mr. Tomomi Kato