• 日程10/16
  • 時間14:45-15:30
  • 場所105

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HATS Forum(HATS of efforts to IoT )

The information and communication technology (ICT) make the progress to rapidly and several new equipment and services are provided with keywords such as 5G, IP cameras, security, and IoT.
For the ICT market evolution, it is important to keep the interoperability based on product-level standards.
HATS has been working on the interoperability among the equipment of each vendors and carriers from 1988, this session will include the overview of HATS activities and the latest trends.

  • HATS Overview
    • Speaker

      HATS Forum Interoperability Testing committee, OKI Consulting Solutions Co., Ltd.

      Mr. Kenji Koro

  • Efforts to ensure interoperability between PBX
    • Speaker

      HATS Forum PBX Telecom Server Testing Group, Fujitsu, Ltd

      Mr. Masahiro Saito