• 日程10/16
  • 時間15:00-17:00
  • 場所303

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Agricultural Data Collaboration Platform" leads smart food chain

Toward the realization of "Society 5.0" for agriculture and food field, it is expected that strengthening the research structure for practical usage of AI and big data, and expansion of “Agriculture Data Collaboration Platform -WAGRI-” (running from ’19. April) which enables to link, share and provide various data. Especially, discuss about perspective of the future direction and potential toward construction of “smart food chain” (supported by SIP) that connect from production to consumption stage including distribution and export by data, and also introducing actual case of NARO and private company on practical usage of “WAGRI”.

  • Opening remarks NARO’s Strategy of research and development towards the realization for “Society 5.0”. (TBD)
    • Speaker

      National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

      Dr. Kazuo Kyuma

  • Keynote lectures Construction of Smart Food Chain with functional enhancement of WAGRI (tentative title)
    • Speaker

      Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies Professor
      Cabinet Secretariat National Strategy officeof Information and Communication Technology Deputy Government CIO

      Dr. Atsushi Shinjo

  • Keynote lectures Current status and prospects of ICT in agriculture(tentative)  
    • Speaker

      Smart Agriculture Business Unit Expert

      Mr. Tsuyoshi Wakabayashi

  • Panel discussion “Toward the realization of Smart Food Chain by utilization of WAGRI”
    • moderator

      The Distribution Economics Institute of Japan
      Agriculture and regional development div. Division Director

      Mr. Syunsuke Orikasa

    • Panelist

      SALAD BOWL Co., Ltd.

      Mr. Susumu Tanaka

    • Panelist

      AEON RETAIL Co., Ltd.
      MD Dept.of Agricultural Products Merchandising Planning Div General Manager

      Mr. Yasuhiko Chiba

    • Panelist

      Wismettac Foods, Inc.
      Vice President

      Mr. Satoshi Kitsuki

    • Panelist

      National Agriculture and Food Research Organization(NARO)
      Vice President

      Mr. Kazuo Terashima