• 日程10/17
  • 時間14:45-16:45
  • 場所Room B

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The Future of the region and companies with IoT and AI

Developed countries that are greedy for all kinds of innovation, including IoT. Japan has been driven to the point where it cannot survive unless it renovates production sites and management with large-scale IT investments by 2025.
Lecture 1 urges the warning that the delay in the introduction of DX (digital transformation) will be a major factor that hinders Japan's growth, as symbolized in 2025.
In Lecture 2, small and medium-sized business managers and companies working on innovations such as IoT will improve their performance. From the in charge of the Osaka Prefecture IoT Promotion Lab, attractive small and medium-sized business managers in Osaka Prefecture, the current site of SMEs Send out what is happening in.

  • 14:45-15:45
    Only efforts to DX will save Japan
    • Speaker

      Ministry of Economy
      Trade and Industry Manufacturing Industries Bureau Director

      Mr. Takeshi NAKANO

  • Osaka IoT Promotion Lab From Osaka Companies that advance value creation with IoT
    • Speaker

      Osaka Prefecture

      Mr. Ichiro Tsujino

    • individual cases Introduction

      Yamamoto Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
      Representative Director President

      Mr. Kengo Yamamoto

    • individual case introduction

      ?Fuji Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.
      Manufacturing Engineering Department, Electronic Engineering Section Manager

      Mr.Hidekazu Kojima