• 日程10/17
  • 時間10:30-12:30
  • 場所201

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Familiar IoT changes our society

“IoT service creation project” supported by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has conducted 48 demonstration projects in local areas so far.
In this session, key persons who took part in some selected projects will talk about how they overcome issues towards creating and expanding IoT services. They will also join discussions with experts and talk about the impacts IoT will bring to the desirable future.

  • Facilitator
    • Osaka University Cyber Media Center Professor
      Shinji Shimojo
  • Presenter (AI × Big data)
    • The University of Tokyo School of Engineering Associate Professor
      Fujio Toriumi
  • Presenter (AI × Business)

    • Metadata Incorporated Representative Director and President
      Naoyuki Nomura
  • Presenter (AI × Local)
    • Hokkaido University Graduate school of information science and technology Professor
      Hidenori Kawamura

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