• 日程10/17
  • 時間12:30-14:00
  • 場所105

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To be a talented person successful in Society 5.0~Seminars and CITP certification provided by IPSJ~

In this lecture, IPSJ introduces seminars and CITP programs,both are for IT industry.Regarding the seminar, we will introduce the contents of the continuous seminars that are going on for the whole year.2nd topic of CITP utilizes ITSS widely prevailing in Japanese IT industry as a reference model.CITP certifies ITSS level 4 or higher professionals. Currently,CITP holders are approximately 8 thousand.CITP scheme has been accredited by IFIP IP3.In this lecture,IPSJ introduces these two programs.

    • Speaker
      NEC Corporation Data Science Research Laboratories Senior Principal Researcher
      Araki Takuya
    • Speaker
      Information Processing Society of Japan Steering Committee of the CITP Program Chair
      Nishi Naoki

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