• 日程10/17
  • 時間10:30-12:00
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Global Overview of Key Trends in Entertainment Media and Consumer and Professional Electronics

1) CE in 2018, A snapshot of the products and technologies winning and losing on the worldwide stage: With CE sector showing signs of saturation across several segments, the industry is seeking to drive new revenue opportunities through innovation and product enhancement. Futuresource will provide a summary of the health and shape of CE space and address the area that represent a new era of growth of sector. Futuresource will provide data and insight across vision, audio mobile, automotive as well as wearables-reviewing key themes shaping the sector including UHD, VR, and Voice.
2) Consumerisation of ProAV-Transferable Technologies the Drive New Opportunity: Historically B2B sector has been the incubator for new technology before its mass transfer to CE market. This picture has reserved in recent times with suppliers in consumer space leading innovation and turning their attention to high margin opportunities in B2B verticals. This session will provide data and insights across a range of professional technologies and solutions, highlighting areas of growth, demand and adoption of these technologies in a professional environment.
3) Technology's push and pull impact on the Evolving Habits of Modern-Day Consumer: With the status quo of CE and entertainment increasingly disrupted by a new breed of company-notably FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google), what are the implications on consumer habits, how will this shape what devices they use, where they buy them from and how they watch, listen and play. Futuresource will draw on both industry and consumer insights to map the modern-day consumer entertainment consumption and device usage habits, providing factors driving the continual charge.

    • Speaker
      Futuresource Consulting Market Analyst, Consumer Electronics
      James Manning-Smith
    • Speaker
      Futuresource Consulting Associate Director, Professional A/V Electronics
      Chris Mcintyre-Brown
    • Speaker
      Futuresource Consulting Principal Analysts, Entertainment and Media
      David Sidebottom 

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