• 日程10/19
  • 時間10:15-11:15
  • 場所Convention Hall B

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Case studies on AI application research towards Inclusive Societies.

We are facing an aging society with a declining birthrate. Improvement of smart society ecosystem by building AI and IoT technology is an urgent task for Japan. Due to the aging problem, some of us lose our freedom of movement and deterioration of audiovisual function such as difficulty in speech and communication by congenital or acquired reasons. By introducing technical supports, we have the possibilities to accept them as a part of various human parameters.
Then, we aim at building a society that makes use of it in creativity, aiming at integration and social implementation of the above capabilities by AI. I will talk about examples and future prospects of the future research and various media studies.

    • Speaker
      Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. CEO / University of Tsukuba Assistant Professor
      Dr. Yoichi Ochiai

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