• 日程10/18
  • 時間13:30-15:00
  • 場所104

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The Potential of Healthcare Market

Healthcare market has been actively working on IoT utilization so far.
In recent, in addition to utilization of the most advanced technology, new services taking advantage of a strong field of each company have been generating one after another by co-creation among companies .
This session will introduce efforts of companies aiming to create firm market by generating new services by promoting collaboration.

  • Society5.0 to achieve a healthy longevity
    As Japan enters a super aging society, we need to create a society where elderly people can involve in health. Fortunately, we are advancing the utilization of artificial intelligence, big data and IoT, and simultaneously the arrival of Society5.0. I would introduce the risk prediction of cardiovascular diseases from urban residential cohort studies and the efforts of prevention of cardiovascular diseases by smart apartments utilizing IoT, and the possibility of several Society5.0 aiming for healthy longevity.
    • Speaker
      National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Director, Department of Preventive Cardiology Director General, Center for Cerebral and Cardiovascular Disease Information
      Mr. Yoshihiro Miyamoto
  • Our endeavor to create new services by cooperation with business, bureau, university, and medical science.
    We have searched solutions of problems in increasing aged population and decreasing birth rate by cooperating with business, bureau, university, and medical science. We introduce three different example of our endeavor; a Medicine-Based Town consortium in Kashihara City (Nara Pref.), renovation of housings in Miki City (Hyogo Pref.), and health tourism in Minakami Town (Gumma Pref.)
    • Speaker
      TOPPAN PRINTING Co., Ltd. Senior Manager of Social Innovation Center
      Mr. Masanori YAO

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