• 日程10/18
  • 時間12:30-14:30
  • 場所201

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How to create new business for start-ups


  • "Collaboration between operational companies and start-ups for new business creation"
    In Japan, many operational companies are seeking new sources of revenue, and they have issues like what to do with start-ups, how to conduct Proof of Concept ("PoC") and how to monetize their idea.
    On the other hand, start-ups are facing many business challenges and they hope the government and operational companies to help them.
    This session discusses issues and solutions to create new business through collaboration from the viewpoint of both operational companies and start-ups.
    • Speaker
      ABeam Consulting Ltd. Financial & Social Infrastructure Business Unit Senior manager
      Mr. Kazuhiro Yoshida
    • Speaker
      Mr. Junichi Horiguchi
    • Speaker
      Emotion Tech. Inc CEO
      Mr. Yoshimitsu Imanishi
    • Speaker
      Plug and Play Japan Director, Marketing/Communications
      Ms. Ayumi Fujimoto

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