• 日程10/18
  • 時間14:30-16:30
  • 場所Convention Hall B

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New Life, Smart Life

This session will discuss possibilities of new market created by utilizing data from various industries related to smart life. Join this session and feel the beginning of a new market.

  • IoT and Life data utilization in living space
    In "U2-HomeⅡ", the LIXIL's R&D facility for future smart home, more than 250 sensors are placed, and we research how to utilize data from the living space for comfort, safety and security. In addition, "Life assist", which is LIXIL's current products line-up using IoT, will be introduced.
    • Speaker
      LIXIL Corporation Director of System Technology Laboratory, Technology Research Division
      Mr. Kanji Mihara
  • “Smart Home” is the key of “Service Chain” :the true physical & cyber service
    An excellent “Social Service System” formed by fusion of physical and cyber is the most important issue for Japan, where super aging is accelerating. Effective and substantive efforts are, however, not yet progressing, although there’s a huge and undeveloped market. “Smart Home” would be essential idea to open and develop this market, when we get interested in physical services, which have close relationship with cutting-edge-technologies. Here I will show you some ideas to design technologies utilized in physical services which start from customers in home and connect with other services as our new concept of “Service Chain”.
    • Speaker
  • Connected Home by TOKYU group . The lessons learned in the 3 years since started the IoT service.
    Tokyu group being proud of a developer of towns always provides ‘’piece of minds’’, ‘’safety’’ and ‘’convenience’’ by the advanced initiatives. The key for spread of IoT is building a scheme of enhancing the necessary services but the concept of existing business model alone isn’t sufficient to achieve the goal. I would like to share the initiatives of cooperation beyond competition and industry grouping from the point of developing towns. The lessons learned in the 3 years since started the IoT service will explain what is required for Smart Home.
    • Speaker
      its communications Inc. Executive Officer,Connected Home
      Mr. Koji Takeda
  • Smart Living: New Concepts in Housing
    Sekisui House believes a housing manufacturer’s mission is to offer new and unique value in today’s 100-year-life society. So far, we have provided values such as security, safety, and comfort. Today we are seeing advancements in technology and changes in what people want from housing. Against this backdrop, we are exploring how to leverage cutting-edge technology to make new lifestyles a reality.
    • Speaker
      SEKISUI HOUSE, LTD. Technology Systems Promotion Department / Executive Officer & Chief Manager
      Mr. Yutaka Amemiya
  • Approaches to Smart Life by Kansai Electric Power
    Kansai Electric Power operates “Hapi e-Miruden” web service that informs electricity and gas charges. It has offered benefits of conveniences and savings to its users, with new functions added since electricity deregulation.
    Having over four million members, the service now seeks further improvement of its added value. Corporate approaches to its web platform development toward Smart Life will be presented, such as cooperation with various IoT services.

    • Speaker
      The Kansai Electric Power Company,Incorporated Sales and Marketing Division General Manager
      Mr. Takeshi Ariyoshi
  • Smart life realized by AI・IoT・service
    For social implementation, such as advanced data of data and licensing rules, security, API, UI, cost recovery mechanism, issues to be solved still remain in making IoT of household appliances and household equipment.
    In addition, it is thought that the service itself will change as well, so we need to think about smart service.
    While solving these issues, we will propose issues to be addressed by the industry as a whole for the realization of smart life.
    • Speaker
      Mr. Naoki Shiraishi
  • New Life, Smart Life
    • Speaker
      Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Professor, School of Information Science
      Mr. Yasuo TAN

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