• 日程10/18
  • 時間13:00-14:45
  • 場所International Conference Hall

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USA Showcase Keynote Session Cutting edge US technology showcase : Cyber Security


  • Opening remarks
    • Speaker
      US Embassy, Japan Deputy Senior Commercial Officer
      Mr. Steve Knode
  • The most advanced Endpoint Protection, you can do it now
    When the "Cyber Security Management Guidelines" from METI was revised to version 2, the minimum cyber security measures required as an organization were changed dramatically. We will introduce new technologies to deal with those requirements, and how to operate it effortless.
    • Speaker
      CrowdStrike Japan Managing Director, Japan
      Mr. Tetsuya Kawai
  • Anti-Phishing solution as the first step of Mobile Security
    Phishing attack is still spreading. Purpose of phishing attack is not only fraud but also first step of Advanced Persistent Threat. In addition, target platform is changing from PC to mobile device. Lookout is providing cyber security solution targeting mobile device of enterprise contain anti-phishing solution, malware detection, malicious wifi detection, vulnerability management solution.
    • Speaker
      Lookout Japan Business Director of Development Department
      Mr. Takashi Kaneko
  • Simplifying OT Security
    The world of operational technology (IIOT/ICS) has rapidly evolved in the last year. With the rise of mind-numbing attacks in critical infrastructure (Industroyer, Dragonfly, Trisis) the question is what should one do? The speaker will look across the industry at security solutions in network, endpoint, and gateway to give attendees insight into what threats they should and shouldn't be worried about - and how to secure against the too big to fail vulnerabilities of industrial systems.
    • Speaker
      Symantec GM of Internet of Things
      Mr. Kunal Agarwal
  • Cyber Security & The Automotive Industry: Security, Safety and Monetization Opportunities in the Connected Vehicles Era
    IoT and IoE are bringing a wealth of visibility and conveniences to almost every aspect of our daily lives. Most people are familiar with the terminology “Connected Devices” and use those devices or data generated from them in some capacity. Most initial connected device technology was deployed without much thought given to security of the devices, networks or data flowing through the ecosystem. There are some highly publicized cases of hackers compromising systems with malicious intent, including identity/material theft. Network and device security is now a major focus of CxOs.

    David Uze, CEO of Trillium Secure, will moderate a discussion on security issues facing the automotive industry in the connected car era and advancements in cybersecurity technology that will minimize risks. David will also share his thoughts on the importance of securing the vast amounts of data collected from connected cars in light of the growing number of monetizable services arising from that data. The topic has implications for automotive OEMs, their suppliers and those with a previously indirect link to the auto industry- insurance, security and network service providers to name a few.
    • Speaker
      Trillium Secure, Inc. CEO
      Mr. David M. Uze

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