• 日程10/19
  • 時間12:30-13:30
  • 場所Room B (Exhibition Hall 2)

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Just enough IoT Wireless Functional tester & How to measure dynamic current from 1uA on sleep mode to 100mA on activemode.

IoT device use wireless module and battery, normaly. Designer need to test wireless function and power consumption of the device. As you know, Signal Analyzer and Signal Generator will be used for testing wireless communication, but these are too expensive and too much capavility for IoT device testing. So Keysight offer new concept soolution "IoT wireless functional tester" as just enough test solution. And also engineer need to measure accurate power consumption for their decvice. Most of time, wireless module on IoT device on sleep mode to save power cunsumption, current level is 1uA. Sometimes wireless module switch to active mode to send data to accesspoint and cloud, current level is 100mA. How can you measure active current from 1uA to 100mA? Scope and DMM are not enough.

    • Speaker
      Keysight Technologies Japan K. K. Asia Pacific Marketing
      Mr. Shuhei Takano

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