• 日程10/19
  • 時間11:00-12:00
  • 場所Room A (Exhibition Hall 4)

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①UV LED product lineup introduction/②LED flood light

①UV LED product lineup introduction
Stanley Electric is introducing deep UV LED and near UV LED products lineups. For deep UV LED, the world's highest output power of 50mW is achieved with an emission wavelength of 265nm, which has the highest sterlizing capacity. And in order to meet the requirement of various applications, we developed a series of emission wavelength: 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, and 405nm.

②LED flood light
A combination of high power LED and adbanced optical design, we are introducing floodlight series with installing ultra narrow angle lens, effecient light distribution, light weight slim body and realizeing energy saving.

    • Speaker
      STANLEY ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Optotelectronic Device Division
      Mr. Yusuke Shimoura
    • Speaker
      STANLEY ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Lighting Application Division
      Mr. Naoto Yokohama

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