• 日程10/16
  • 時間14:00-15:00
  • 場所Room A (Exhibition Hall 4)

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Real-Haptics Technology leads Society 5.0 to have humanlike adaptability and gentleness

Society 5.0 aims to achieve a human-friendly “super-smart” society.
Using Real-Haptics Technology (RHT), one can achieve quantitative visualization of the sense of touch and effectively perform tele-working while retaining smart adaptability and the characteristic of gentleness of human behavior in areas that are replete with tactile operations, such as, medical and health-care, disaster sites and farm operations.
Furthermore, the characteristics of RHT can be extended to support tele-working in the automated and virtual working space arenas.
We believe RHT should be one of the key technologies for Society 5.0.

    • Speaker
      Keio University Haptics Research Center Vice Director
      Akira Nagashima, Ph.D.

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