• 日程10/16
  • 時間11:00-12:00
  • 場所Room A (Exhibition Hall 4)

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Co-creation with the university creates "VR-Sankeien Garden" and the challenge of developing a new business model begins

We will give a lecture on the following two themes that We tackled through VR development of Yokohama City 's "Sankeien Garden" co-creation with Matsumura Assistant professor of Shonan Institute of Technology's Department of Integrated Design.

- Expression of the distinctive "flavor" of Japanese culture utilizing VR technology
- "Experience of space" unique to VR / AR creates business with education, research, and attract customers.

At this seminar, we will propose a new business model "co-creation and solving problems of different industries and contributing to society" using VR / AR.

    • Speaker
      TechnoBrave Co., Ltd. Technical Strategy Office / General Manager
      Mr.Suzuki Hideyuki
    • Speaker
      Shonan Institute of Technology Multidisciplinary Design Department / Assistant Professor
      Mr.Matsumura Kou
    • Speaker
      TechnoBrave Co., Ltd. Global Business Promotion Office / Manager
      Mr.Otsuka Shinji
    • Speaker
      Mr.Kato Takashi

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