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Challenges facing post 5G
5G can be a catalyst for transforming the industrial and business structure. Regardless of the industry domain, 5G must be positioned in the management strategy that creates new value. In this presentation, I will show the the perspectives towards facing 5G / post 5G such as "5G will evolve," "difficulty of 5G," "importance of rising to the ring," "possibility of game change," "position of Japanese companies".
The University of TokyoProfessor, School of Engineering Mr. Hiroyuki Morikawa
Rakuten's Global Strategy with a Fully Virtualized Mobile Network
Rakuten Mobile entered the mobile phone business in April 2020 as its fourth carrier. The company aims to provide a cost-effective 5G solution by leveraging the technical blueprint and knowledge gained from building a fully virtualized mobile network into a platform called Rakuten Communications Platform (RCP). What is Rakuten Mobile's global strategy?
Rakuten Mobile, Inc.Executive Officer, Head of Technology Strategy Mr. Nobuyuki UCHIDA
NEC's vision towards Post 5G
Introducing NEC's 5G and beyond business strategies, technology development while overviewing the transformation of industry and people towards coming Post5G era.
NEC CorporationExecutive Vice President Mr. Atsuo Kawamura
Fujitsu's Vision for Network in 2030
In order to achieve the goals of the SDGs by 2030, many companies are aiming to simultaneously solve social issues and achieve sustainable business growth. We believe that further technological evolution and support will be important to accelerate this initiative. We will contribute by providing safe and secure connectivity to companies around the world based on wireless and optical communications technologies we have worked on for many years.
In this presentation, we will explain the networks and technologies that will support society in 2030.
FUJITSU LIMITEDCorporate Executive Officer EVP, Vice Head of System Platform Business(in charge of Netweork Business, 5G and New ICT Business Planning) Head of Photonics System Business Unit Mr. Shingo Mizuno