Inter BEE 2019

English/Japanese Interpreting Available
November 13 (wed.)
「Exhibition Hall 8」

—Former Top Employee from Animal Logic's IT Department Discusses Systems in the Near Future—What is Required in the Coming Era of "Data First?"

- An introduction to me (Alex)
- An introduction to Animal Logic
- An introduction to nonlinear pipelines
- An explanation of what turns a vendor into a partner in making movies
- An explanation of why I decided to work for Dell and why Dell Hired me
- Some of the risks and opportunities I see to the M&E Landscape
- Why Businesses move to the cloud
- The new definition of Cloud
- Why production is just another form of human collaboration
- Why we all need to think data first
- How to optimize your architectures based on answers to the “Why”

Alex Timbs

M&E BDM UDS Dell Technologies

Alex Timbs